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It is ironic that one of the most natural of human behaviors is also one of the least communicated about in relationships. Perhaps shame and guilt is attached to your experience of sex or, you and your partner have simply lost your way in terms of communicating about sex and intimacy.  

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As an AASECT trained therapist (American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists), I work with many of the couples I see on the topic of sex, whether that be the physical, the emotional that is derived from intimacy (or lack thereof) or, the communication around sex. It is not my goal to fix your sex and intimacy issues, but rather, I hope to empower the people I work with to improve their communication, and comfort and intimacy about the topic, so you can use the tools and strategies discussed in therapy to repair that which isn’t quite working for you in the bedroom.  

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I will discuss the “bio-psycho-social” determinants contributing to a client's concern — meaning any potential biological, psychological, and social factors — and I will work with you to create a specific treatment plan. Although I do work on sex and intimacy issues mainly with couples, I can also work with individuals on addressing any needs. 

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