Therapy for Individual and Couples In Los Angeles and Online in All of CA

Therapy for Individual and Couples
In Los Angeles and Online in All of CA

and it's not to be taken lightly. Take your time, ask lots of questions and give yourself plenty of time to make an informed decision based on what feels right to you. As a Los Angeles based LCSW, I offer both in-person and tele-therapy sessions for individuals and couples.

considering therapy is a big decision

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Having led a very different life prior to becoming a therapist, I have been able to connect with clients and personalities in a very unique manner than those who have not had other careers, other lifestyles, other life aspirations.

Although my life has greatly changed since entering the professional world, my desire to help others has remained steadfast. Instead of helping brands and companies through advertising and marketing, I longed to help people  in a different and more personal way — help others overcome the everyday, the ordinary, the extra-ordinary, the unique and the difficult challenges that are holding them back from being their best self. After moving back to LA, I earned my Masters in Social Work from USC, became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now have the privilege to work as a psychotherapist…and have never looked back.

a little about me...

justin mink, lscsw

As a therapist, I work to create a safe and secure environment where in each session, the world can slow down and together we can compassionately explore, understand, and transform behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that may be holding you back from ultimately living the life you want to live. My style as a therapist is warm and challenging, direct and engaging,

Whether it is working with an individual or with a couple, I know that no two clients are the same - I treat each client(s) with a specific approach tailored to the person(s) wants and needs. You know yourself the best - I'm here to help support and guide you through your own journey.

how do you work as a therapist?

working together

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