Great for anyone feeling self doubt or shame, dealing with life transitions, or facing anxiety and depression. Rediscover yourself, identify your strengths, and get back to living self-aware, fulfilled life.

individual therapy

I work to create a safe and secure environment where in each session, the world can slow down and together we can compassionately explore, understand, and transform behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that may be holding you back from ultimately living the life you want to live.

My style as a therapist is warm and challenging, direct and engaging. I know that no two clients are the same, and treat each client with a specific approach tailored to their wants and needs. You know yourself the best — I'm just here to help support and guide you through your own journey.

when was the last time you thought about you?

mastering the mind

Life gets tough, and at times, you may find yourself struggling with overwhelming emotions, anxiety, or depression. Whether you’ve dealt with anxiety and depression before, or are just experiencing symptoms for the first time and wondering if you need help, I can help you to feel better. 

therapy for depression & anxiety 

Whether you’re currently struggling with an addiction, starting to question the impact substances are having on your life or, are currently sober but are still learning how to live without the use of alcohol or drugs, I work with clients at all levels along this continuum.

therapy for substance use & addiction

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Pain distracts, interrupts, disturbs and when it persists, can overwhelm, disabling a person's quality of life. Pain, however, is not simple. It can come from a stimulus in the body as physical pain, and it can come from mental processes involving our attitudes, feelings and emotions. 

therapy for chronic pain & illness

Even in today’s progressive world, I still often work with men who tell me they are coming to therapy because somebody else wants them to, or that they have to due to legal issues. Some men still run up against roadblocks in accessing a therapist once they do decide to seek services, as a good portion of the male population prefer to speak to another man.

therapy for men

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