men deserve therapy too

Even in today’s progressive world, I still often work with men who tell me they are coming to therapy because somebody else wants them to, or that they have to due to legal issues. Some men still run up against roadblocks in accessing a therapist once they do decide to seek services, as a good portion of the male population prefer to speak to another man. However, even in 2023, males still only make up 22% of licensed therapists in the U.S.     

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Men have unique wants and needs that differ from those who identify with a different sex or gender. Both male therapists and men who have been in treatment agree that there are certain topics that — at least initially, all things being equal — feel more comfortable when discussed within gender. Sex is one, and some men are far less ashamed about affairs when speaking to another man. Aggression is another. Many men grow up in a world of hostile body language and real physical violence that is almost entirely invisible to women.  

but are not limited to, financial stress, the tension between being a provider and a father, male postpartum depression and, male-centric physical health issues.

other issues I have worked with men on are...