Everybody’s first influence of attachment style takes place in infancy – the way a baby attaches to its primary caregiver(s). Attachment theory describes how these early relationships with a primary caregiver, most commonly a parent, creates our expectation for how love should be/look/feel.  Our view of ourselves and others is molded by how well these […]

In relationships, bumps and hurdles are inevitable. But what if there was a roadmap to navigate through these challenges? Couples therapy offers not just a lifeline, but a transformative journey for your relationship toward understanding, empathy, and a deeper connection. Here’s just a little bit about how couples therapy can strengthen the bond between partners […]

Most couples seeking therapy are looking to make changes of some sort. But how do we change as adults, after having lived so long and having created so many neural pathways?  Some couples may know what those changes are or, some couples may just know that they want something different. A better relationship could mean […]

If you’re here, you are likely no stranger to conflict within your relationship. Relationship conflicts come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re a natural part of being in a committed partnership.  Whether it’s about who should do the dishes or take out the trash, or something bigger–like jealousy, intimacy, or communication – learning to […]

Emotional intimacy looks different in every relationship. It can be long conversations about your feelings, or it can be trying new things your partner suggests (even if it’s not something you would normally do). It can be talking about each other’s days, helping one another to feel safe and validated or, just making time for […]

As we step into the new year, we’re presented with an opportunity to reflect on our relationships and consider ways to strengthen the bonds that connect us with our partners. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for years, committing to positive changes can enhance your connection and make the upcoming year […]

Looking at the above image (a melty popcicle) you understand it will eventually end, right? But the real question is, are you really dependent on its fatality, its end, or do you realize that worst case scenario, you can get another popsicle if desired? I’m guessing you chose the later. I understand this situation is […]

I previously wrote about the rise in substance use among individual Americans during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, little has been explored regarding substance use among couples during this period. Couples who live together are spending more time around each other, getting bored or exhausted with lack of variation in life, and some are turning to […]

Couples are spending more time together during the pandemic than under normal circumstances (whatever “normal” even means these days). Not only are couples increasing time spent together in shared (frequently small) spaces, but there aren’t dinner parties, get-togethers, group outings etc, to provide some different perspective, outlook and buffer, that is so frequently needed for […]

The pandemic is stressful. Or, let’s be frank – it really sucks. People are working from home, not seeing friends and family and have been cut off from most/all engaging activities. Many have turned to substances to curb negative feelings or escape boredom. While isolation can be challenging, quarantine can actually provide an opportunity to […]